My girls and me.

My girls and me.

My little girls and I after I got my head shaved.

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Mary threw a punch at your cancer.
Mary sent you a hug.
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Now that's two reasons to keep on fighting. so cute good luck and we will pray for you guys.
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They keep me going but also exhaust me.
Oh, you are each so beautiful! You will be in my praye. The cancer I had was at the other end (rectal), so I'm afraid I can't offer much advice as you tackle treatment. It's always crucial to stay hydrated, regardless the type of cancer or treatment. Many people overlook this and end up running into trouble. Drink all you can, keep youreye on the prize of remission, and rest and ask for help when you need to . Hugs and prayers for you and your little ladies, Danean
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I'm sorry for the typos; I'm posting from my dumbphone.
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What a darling picture of you 3 girls! I will be praying for all of you!
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OMG ! You are so young. I had nosebleeds so mine was caught in Stage 1. I found the daily 33 Tomotherapy Rads treatments and Cysplatin every week for 6 weeks pretty rough. There are only 2,000 cases in the USA per year. Lucky us. Hope you are recovering and healing.
I have 2 more weeks of radiation and 2 more doses of cisplatin. I' struggling to maintain my weight because nothing tastes good and I have a borrible taste in my mouth? I think I've tried everything. Now, I'm forcing 3 Boosts per day and a helping of ramen noodles. The skin on my neck is red and peeling....any suggestions for that? I'm struggling in every way. Shara
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Vital Info


November 17, 2013

United States

December 31, 1970

Cancer Info

Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Nonkeratinizing squamous cell

July 30, 2013

Stage 4

3.1 - 4.0 cm


The uncertainty of whether it will kill me or not.

Live each day like it's your last.

Pray and encourage me when I'm down.

Induction chemo with monoclonal antibody (cetuximab)


MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Try hard to find things that taste okay so you can maintain your weight and swallowing during radiation to head and neck.

If you are religious - focus on your family and pray and remember God is always with you. If not religious - focus on your family and getting through it so you can continue to be in their lives.

December 21, 2013

April 1, 2014

Fullness in right ear, sinus headaches, tingling and numbness in upper right lip and cheek area near the nose, right side of tongue and right side of roof of mouth sensitive to salty and acidic foods

Started radiation on 11/4/13 after 6 weeks on induction chemo

Started cetuximab on 9/5/13 along with induction chemo as part of a clinical trial - skin rash on face, chest, back, and lower legs similar to acne (very painful), swollen lymph nodes which caused pain in the neck and back of head, severe itching, cracked corners of mouth that were extremely painful.


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