Dry mouth and snorkeling

I will be taking a beach vacation in June and will have the opportunity to do some snorkeling.  However, I started wondering how my dry mouth would effect my ability to snorkel.  I wondered if my dry mouth spray would help me get some enjoyment out of the experience.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  During the day, I have to have water around unless I'm chewing gum.  With gum I can get away with no water for about 20 minutes or so.  I usually wake up and spray my mouth during the night at least 2 or 3 times.


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Looks like you and my husband are only a few months apart from your diagnosis and treatment dates. After we received word that the PET was clear in April 2014, we made plans for a great summer vacation. He had (and still has) dry mouth but it didn't stop him from snorkeling in Florida. Granted, it wasn't more than 10-15 minutes at a time but he didn't complain.
Happy birthday to you! Hope snorkeling was a blast!
Happy birthday 🎂!!
there is a jell that I put on my teeth and tongue that worked for 3 or 4 hours. I'm chemo brain but certain you will find it at Walgreens.
Hi Shara. I'm experiencing similar symptoms that you had prior to being diagnosed. I'm waiting to have my first CT scan next week. I have had what seems like a severe sinus infection for months. In December one side of my face started to go numb. Was this one of your first symptoms? It started in the corner on my lip, and then chin. Now I'm feeling tingling in one side of my tongue and and cheek. I've also had a fullness throbbing feeling behind the top of my nose. I often have blood when I blow my nose too. Are these symptoms similar to what you experienced? I'm nervous about my scan. I have a 4 year old and 18 month old and I'm so worried.
Becky, I pray if you have nasophyngeal carcinoma or any cancer for that matter that is is stage I. My first symptoms were fullness in my right ear, sharp pains along my cheekbone (right side, which doc thought was sinus infection), then a tingling in my right upper lip that progressed to numbness/sensitivity on the right side of my tongue, roof of mouth and right side of my cheek near my nose. I hope and pray you find the answer. Keep in touch. I'm 2 years out and still NED with stage IV.
Also, I started having nosebleeds when I would sneeze and I tears wouldn't come out of my right eye when I cried. Appatently, the tumor was blocking my tear duct in the right eye. My tumor was sub-mucusal, so they couldn't see it with the scope. It took 8 months to get an accurate diagnosis. I had a 3 and 4 old at the time. I was so worried they wouldn't have their mom to raise them. I had a lot of family support and tons of people praying for me. It got me through the diagnosis, treatment and now life after cancer! Try to distract yourself instead of worrying! Hang in there!
Happy birthday to you!
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November 17, 2013

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The uncertainty of whether it will kill me or not.

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Try hard to find things that taste okay so you can maintain your weight and swallowing during radiation to head and neck.

If you are religious - focus on your family and pray and remember God is always with you. If not religious - focus on your family and getting through it so you can continue to be in their lives.

December 21, 2013

April 1, 2014

Fullness in right ear, sinus headaches, tingling and numbness in upper right lip and cheek area near the nose, right side of tongue and right side of roof of mouth sensitive to salty and acidic foods

Started radiation on 11/4/13 after 6 weeks on induction chemo

Started cetuximab on 9/5/13 along with induction chemo as part of a clinical trial - skin rash on face, chest, back, and lower legs similar to acne (very painful), swollen lymph nodes which caused pain in the neck and back of head, severe itching, cracked corners of mouth that were extremely painful.


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